Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Adventure of Witty!

Hello, my dear Readers!

After a long silence, I have returned to write again!

This time, I have a new adventure on my plate: Home ownership! Yes, the long months of silence were because I was embroiled in the affairs of home ownership- from placing a bid and anxiously awaiting acceptance, to the ordeals of paperwork, then packing, packing, and more packing, followed by unpacking, unpacking, and unpacking! My time has not been my own of late- it's been my house's!

But it is a thrilling sort of busy, as for the first time in my life I can enjoy the pleasure of living in some place that is utterly and completely my own. There is no landlord to obey, no one living above me, below me, or to either side. I can paint my walls, write on them even, change even the smallest thing like a light switch cover without permission of another. I can play my music loud and sing at the top of my lungs without disturbing anyone. I can pull into my driveway after a long day of work and feel the sweet satisfaction that this house is mine.

So, my dear Readers, I thank you for your patience after my long months of silence. I look forward to writing and reading with you all again!


Pam said...

Nice, and now you can plant whatever you want too!

Katie said...

Your house is beautiful! Best wishes for many happy years there!

Caeseria said...

Plant whatever you want, paint whatever you want, put in as many nails as you want in the walls, never worry that the landlord will need to come in when it's a mess...... Okay, I'm jealous!

Katie said...

Congrats on the new house! It's beautiful :)

The Lindahl News said...

Yea for you and Andrew and kitties three!

(I just found this new post this surprised me by writing again - yahoo!)

Spirit Bear said...

Well, dear Heather, it is now July! Like me you have kept your readers waiting for another post. Tell us about D.C.!
I know, you are too busy living life to tell about it!