Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Year for Discovery

Happy New Year!

The new year often inspires people to make resolutions- goals they hope to achieve in the coming year. For me, personally, I have always hated resolutions- they seem designed to entice people to failure. So, I usually resolve not to make a resolution. Yet, this year, I have decide to take a page from my good friend's book, and instead of a New Year's Resolution, I have picked a New Year's inspiration, and selected a word that holds my hopes for the new year: Discovery.

This is a year full of changes for me, and I am in the process of discovering where my life will lead. This new year finds me in a new home, as a new homeowner, in a new neighborhood, and with a new home life, as well. This is a year that also contains what might be considered a "milestone" birthday for me, as I move from one decade of living to another, and I've decide to stretch myself, to go beyond just what I've been comfortable with and try for more. Already, just a few weeks into this new year, I have started new things: I joined a book club, I've taken up a new artistic hobby, and I've been investigating some exciting new learning opportunities. Yes, when I stopped to think about it, this year for me invokes the theme of Discovery.

I hope you all enjoy this year with me, and find your own wonders to discover!