Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A far off memory from childhood

While at work today, I ran across a DVD of an old cartoon I hadn't seen in a very long time- Darkwing Duck. As a matter of fact, the very last time I saw the show was when I was living in Iceland as a child! It brought back memories.

Television in Iceland was very odd. I was on a military base, so the military arranged television programming for us. We had initially 3 channels, and of those 3, 1 was a roll around of local information like important dates and the currency exchange rate. We received popular television shows from the states (as we liked to call the US) months after they had been shown there. I was quite surprised when I moved back to the states to see that Michelle on Full House was not an adorable baby but a bratty preteen- our shows were that far behind!

The available television programming available to us in Iceland was so bad, that some foreign officials took pity on us and granted us access to their stations. So to our 3 channels, 2 more were added. One was from England- the legendary Sky TV- and one was from Iceland itself. Those channels were immensely interesting to me. The British channel showed the strangest shows, and featured people with wonderful accents to my young ears. The Icelandic channel was a channel of sheer wonder, because for the most part shows were done in Icelandic!

One of those shows that I watched in Icelandic was the above mentioned Darkwing Duck. Cartoons were such a rarity on television, that even cartoon in a language I didn't fully understand was immensely entertaining. Often times, I would make up my own plot for the show, because I had no idea what the characters were saying! Although I was never much of a television watcher as a child, I loved those times watching cartoons in Icelandic, because it opened a doorway to dreams and imagination of such depths that I am still envious of that feeling to this day.

Seeing that DVD of that old show brought all these memories and feelings of nostalgia rushing back to me. I briefly considered checking out the DVD, but somehow I think watching the show now, in English, just wouldn't be the same.